Milky Way Starfield – Item #SL-321 or #SL-320

Classic StarLab Cylinder

The Starfield Cylinder now includes an extraordinarily precise depiction of the Milky Way based on the beautiful and highly accurate all-sky panoramas created by Dr. Axel Mellinger. From July 1997 to April 2000 Mellinger used specialized tracking cameras and Kodak film to take 51 wide-angle photos of the northern and southern hemispheres. These precise images have been carefully adapted to the cylindrical starfield projection creating a night sky so detailed, one can easily pick out features like the Coal Sack and the Milky Way center, as well as the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds and Andromeda Galaxy.

The digitally-produced starfield simulates the night sky at any time, season or location on earth. Over 3,000 stars are projected to a limiting magnitude of 5.5 with the brightest stars individually lensed to produce intense pinpoint images. Star locations are accurate to within 1 minute of right ascension and 6 minutes of declination. Betelgeuse, Rigel, Antares, Spica, Arcturus, Capella and Pollux appear in full color. Twelve apertures show the position of the sun throughout the year. For beginning and advanced astronomy.