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Journey together from our solar system to deep space, while exploring everything in between.

What's inside

What’s unique about the planets and stars closest to us? What do we know about the edges of our universe? And how are stars born—and how do they die?

You’ll get answers to all these and more with our Astronomy software.


Complete 3D Hipparcos and tycho 2 database of 16+ million stars

Famous deep space objects with detailed descriptions from messier and Caldwell catalogs, Herschel catalog of 400 deep space sky objects, and corrected NGC/IC catalogs with 13,000+ deep sky objects

A comprehensive database of known satellites comets, asteroids, meteor showers, and extra-solar planets.

Customizable, high-resolution 360-degree panoramas and dazzling visual displays of planets and known solar system moons as quality textured, accurately placed 3D objects



Discover how the world works, inside and out, and how it has changed throughout history.

What's inside

What lies beneath Earth’s crust? How do earthquakes and volcanoes impact the Earth in real-time? And how have major landmasses changed over time?

That's what you'll find out with Geology.


Visually immersive, 3D landscapes and representations to help see Earth as a whole system

Accurate depictions of tectonic plate boundaries, mountain ranges, volcanoes, earthquakes, mineral resources, and biomes

The ability to manipulate models and specify date ranges to witness the changing shapes of Earth’s major land masses throughout history



Explore the power of the atmosphere as you follow the impact of weather events across the world.

What's inside

Why is Antarctica a desert if it’s cold? How and when do hurricanes form? And how is climate change impacting our planet?

That's what you'll uncover in Meteorology.


Immersive 3D visuals that help students understand what makes up our atmosphere and how it behaves—from climates to climate change and the weather

The ability to measure data and manipulate models to foster a deeper understanding of how the atmosphere works

Engaging simulations and visualizations that capture students’ attention as they learn new concepts and deepen their knowledge of existing ones

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