About StarLab

The StarLab Story

StarLab is the first truly portable planetarium. Invented in 1977 by Philip Sadler and his class of middle school students in Lincoln, Massachusetts, today StarLab is the most widely used planetarium in the world.

Input from teachers, curriculum developers and school administrators have helped to guide and influence the development of StarLab, its supporting materials and the unique ways it has come to be used in schools and museums around the world.

StarLab has become a part of many peoples’ lives. Along the way, it has been adopted by many different groups:

  • school systems to use throughout their districts
  • science museums for outreach activities
  • individual schools, both public and private
  • camps and scouting groups

We welcome you to contact us with any questions regarding StarLab. We are happy to help with any areas including technical support, funding assistance, and customer service inquiries!

StarLab Provides an Awesome Learning Experience!

“Having the StarLab as a cross-curricular learning tool may open the door for our students to explore well beyond our realm of imagination.”

~ Princeton Day School
Princeton, New Jersey

StarLab is now part of Science Interactive Group!