Empowering scientific literacy for 50 years

At Starlab, our mission is to empower scientific literacy by inspiring curiosity, promoting lifelong learning, and fostering a deep appreciation for our universe, and everything within it.

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In the beginning

In 1977, in a room full of middle school students in Lincoln, Massachusetts, Philip Sadler invented the world’s first portable learning dome—Starlab.

Since then, Starlab has engaged, inspired, and excited countless audiences—from K-12 students to adults of all ages and from all walks of life.

Today, Starlab is proud to be the most widely used and recognized portable learning dome in the world.


Looking toward the future

As part of Science Interactive Group, Starlab is continuing its mission of promoting scientific literacy by bringing learning to life in schools, colleges, museums, and community centers— across the globe.

With state-of-the-art equipment and exciting, interactive content, Starlab continues to meet the needs of educators and organizations—and the audiences they want to inspire.

The Science Interactive Group

Building better lives and a brighter future by empowering scientific literacy for learners everywhere

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How Starlab empowers scientific literacy

We’re fulfilling our mission of inspiring curiosity, promoting lifelong learning, and fostering a deep appreciation for our universe, and everything in it by ensuring our solutions are:


Engaging and immersive +

Featuring stunning, 360-degree visual displays, Starlab lets you deliver fully immersive, multi-sensory learning experiences that excite and inspire all ages.


Portable and accessible +

The Starlab learning dome is lightweight and sets up in as little 20 minutes. Allowing you to bring immersive learning experiences to any audience, anywhere.


Flexible and customizable +

Choose from NGSS-aligned content, open-source programs, or create your own. With Starlab you can teach any topic, subject, or discipline to any grade level.

Introducing the team behind Starlab

Sasha Peterson Headshot

Sasha Peterson

Chief Executive Officer
Rod Millott Headshot

Rod Millott

Chief Financial Officer
Cait Runne-Janczy Headshot

Cait Runne-Janczy

Chief Academic Officer
Molly Algya Headshot

Molly Algya

Chief Operating Officer
Justin Go Headshot

Justin Go

VP, Sales
Lauren O'Brien Headshot

Lauren O'Brien

VP, Marketing

Chris Vaughan

Our advisor

Award-winning Astronomer and Earth Scientist, published author, and regular contributor to SkyNews magazine, Space.com, and popular astronomy apps, Chris Vaughan works alongside the Starlab team, assisting with educator training and curriculum development to help instill a lifelong love of learning about our universe in others.