Take them on an adventure they'll never forget.

Starlab lets you turn any topic into a
learning experience they’ll treasure for life. Here’s how.


The Starlab system

A complete package, the Starlab system is made up of 3 components: the easily portable Starlab dome, our state-of-the-art projection system, and a laptop pre-loaded with your choice of NGSS-aligned lessons.

Enabling you to deliver immersive learning experiences for any audience—anywhere and at any time.


Immersive Starlab dome

The inflatable Starlab dome allows you to deliver immersive learning experiences in any space: school gymnasiums, community centers, college campuses, and exhibition rooms.

Lightweight and compact, the dome can be set up or disassembled in as little as 20 minutes

Made from high-quality, durable materials that last for years

Comes with a single upright airlock door for easy entry and exit without deflation

Plush gray fire-retardant surface absorbs bright projections, preventing image glare or "wash out"

Available in multiple sizes designed to fit your space: 5, 6, and 7 meters


State-of-the-art projection system

Our projection system and proprietary 190-degree lens ensure the content you project is crystal clear, visually stunning, and fully immersive.

Native 4k projector delivers 3.66 megapixels (2160 pixels) resolution across the StarLab dome—with no cutouts or blind spots

5500 Lumen High Brightness gives you unmatched clarity of all images and objects

Includes bluetooth Bose speakers for a full multi-sensory experience

Compact and lightweight for easy transport and setup


Broad range of NGSS-compliant content

Choose which NGSS-aligned content you want to use with your Starlab, and you’ll receive it pre-loaded onto a laptop with easy-to-follow instructions. So you can start teaching as soon as you’re set up.

Choose between Astronomy, Geology, and Meteorology

Can be used for any grade, subject area, or discipline, giving you total flexibility and freedom during lesson planning

You can also use the laptop and StarLab to display any Open-Source content, regardless of its software program, or record and display your own content.

Empower scientific literacy, inspire curiosity, and promote lifelong learning

Explore the NGSS-compliant immersive learning experiences you can deliver with Starlab.

Journey together from our solar system to deep space, while exploring everything in between.

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With Starlab, the sky isn't the limit

All Starlab packages come with the Starlab learning dome, state-of-the-art projection equipment, NGSS-aligned ready-to-teach programs, and more—and can be easily customized to meet your specific goals, audience, and budget.

See our turn-key packages at a glance:

Reach for the stars

Explore our solar system, galaxies, dark matter, planets, stars, and more.


Expand your horizons

Chart new territories across the universe with your choice of any two programs.


Unlock the universe

Uncover the history and mysteries of the universe without limits.


Support and training

From walking you through how to set up your Starlab to technical support—to teacher guides, suggestions for activities and discussions, and more.

Our US-based support team is ready and available to help you out with anything you need at any time.