If it’s out there, StarLab can help you see it

46 Years of Unforgettable Learning Experiences

Bring a world of knowledge to your students with EduDome by StarLab.

Learn Without Limits

Inspire your students to learn about the world around them with our portable and immersive planetarium. Travel through a world of knowledge that includes astronomy, geology, physical geography, and more.

Immersive learning experience

The StarLab is guaranteed to give your students an educational experience they will never forget. Through immersive and interactive content, not only will students be excited to learn, but they will also improve their retention and engagement. Watch students’ eyes light up with an increased understanding of the world around them.

Multi-disciplinary content

Make any subject come alive with the StarLab. From the mesmerizing realms of astronomy and geology to the captivating world of mathematics and beyond. StarLab’s potential extends far beyond these subjects—history, literature, biology, and physics all find new dimensions of understanding.

Flexible and easy to use

The StarLab is designed to empower educators effortlessly. Our comprehensive package equips you with everything you need, including the dome, projector, laptop, & curriculum. Seamlessly integrate preloaded content, use your own content, or encourage students to contribute. Simply plug and play, and watch the learning unfold.

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