Show them the world.
And beyond.

From the furthest corners of our universe to ancient civilizations,
and everything in between. Deliver unforgettable, immersive
learning experiences with Starlab.


46 Years of Unforgettable Learning Experiences

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Share the wonders of our universe. Without Limits.

Inspire curiosity, deepen critical thinking, and promote scientific literacy with Starlab—the portable learning dome and projection system that lets you deliver stunning 360-degree learning experiences.

Bring learning to life


Anywhere +

The easily portable Starlab sets up in 20 minutes, allowing you to deliver immersive learning experiences from colleges to classrooms to museums.


Anytime +

Made from high-quality materials, the Starlab is designed to last. So you can share exciting learning experiences for years to come.


Any topic +

Bring any subject to life for any age or grade level, using our Next-Gen Science Standards compliant programs, open-source programs, or your own.

Explore the learning experiences you can deliver with Starlab

Get up close and personal with 3D planets, stars, comets, and multiple deep space objects—while following their motions across space and time.

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Richly immersive learning experiences.
For everyone.


K-12 Schools & Districts

Reinforce classroom learning and meet educational standards as you bring learning to life before your students’ eyes.

Help students grasp complex concepts

Encourage critical thinking and asking questions

Lift student engagement with more accessible and memorable learning experiences

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College & Universities

Connect deeply with members of your community while inspiring current, and future, students to learn STEM subjects.

Promote science literacy through public lectures and events

Increase your facility's exposure within your community

Inspire future generations of students to pursue higher education and careers in STEM fields

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Museums, science centers, and more

Inspire a lifelong love, and heartfelt appreciation of our universe and everything in it across a range of topics.

Inspire and engage visitors of all ages with fully immersive experiences

Encourage visitors to continue their learning by expanding their horizons

Offer enriched exhibits that can reach diverse audiences

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What others say about Starlab

"The Starlab is ideal for engaging our field trip students of all age groups. Our schools have loved the Day and Night and the Planet sessions pre-loaded into the system as they relate so well to the school standards they teach in the classroom."
Emmie EnochsEducation Coordinator, The Discovery Center
“For a lot of students, Starlab is the highlight of their year. Teachers come back and say the students are so excited that they get to do this every year. It’s a tremendous opportunity to be able to give more students a fully immersive learning experience that broadens their understanding of STEM and the world around them.”


Marcus ShermanK-12 Science Curriculum Specialist

“We have been using Starlab for over two decades, and it remains a key element of our efforts to expand scientific literacy across the state and enhance teaching effectiveness.” 

Dr. Todd EnsignFaculty, Fairmont State University Program Manager, NASA IV&V Education Resource Center

With Starlab, the sky isn't the limit

All Starlab packages come with the Starlab learning dome, state-of-the-art projection equipment, NGSS-aligned ready-to-teach programs, and more—and can be easily customized to meet your specific goals, audience, and budget.

See our turn-key packages at a glance:

Reach for the stars

Explore our solar system, galaxies, dark matter, planets, stars, and more.


Expand your horizons

Chart new territories across the universe with your choice of any two programs.


Unlock the universe

Uncover the history and mysteries of the universe without limits.