Learning Without Limits

Give your students an unforgettable learning experience. The sky is the limit.

Give students a new view on how fun learning can be.

Imagine the possibilities of what a StarLab Planetarium can do for your school system. You can give students an intergalactic experience that brings science lessons to life and teachers a tool that gives them the confidence to keep students engaged. It’s time for an awesome way of learning.


Get ready for a journey that’s best described as Awesome!

Prepare for launch! Through an immersive, interactive experience, students will discover just how exciting learning can be. The StarLab planetarium elevates lessons in astronomy, mythology and more to an entirely new level. Watch students’ eyes light up with an increased understanding of the world around them.

“Having the StarLab as a cross-curricular learning tool may open the door for our students to explore well beyond our realm of imagination.”

Exciting educational adventures await. Just inflate.

With so much to explore in the massive night sky, the StarLab planetarium offers endless opportunities to expand your curriculum, with the confidence in knowing StarLab software meets NGSS standards. And with the convenience of its inflatable structure, the planetarium can be brought out again and again as a learning tool that helps you fully engage your students.


“We have set up the StarLab and tested all the equipment and I am happy to say that we are thrilled with everything. There were no problems or questions about anything.Thank you for all of your help, and your patience.”

“I don’t think anyone is going to wipe the smile off of my face for a while. I know all of my students would thank you also, they love the dome and have told me how much it has not only helped them understand the astronomy standards I am teaching, but they now have a new interest in exploring the sky at night. Thanks again!”


Boost student performance with an experience that could be totally free.

With the challenges facing today’s school systems, it can be difficult to give teachers the support they need to keep students engaged. StarLab’s Planetarium gives you the opportunity to introduce an exciting learning experience — even when resources are limited. Ask us about our grant writing program that is helping schools open up new worlds to their students.

“Written by teachers for teachers. The universe comes down to earth.”