Your StarLab Experience: 4 Steps to Launch

1. Customize Your StarLab

Choosing the ideal StarLab experience for your students starts with the dome that fits the size of your group and their level of learning. With our simplified selection process, it’s easy to identify the StarLab that will open up new worlds of learning opportunities for explorers of all ages.

StarLab is designed with students in mind — extremely durable and easy to set up. When choosing your StarLab experience, consider the size of your audience. The 5 meter dome has a recommended maximum capacity of 37 people. The 6 meter dome can comfortably accommodate up to 50 people, and the 7 meter dome is perfect for large groups of 50 or more.

2. Delivery & Set Up

Everything you need to get your StarLab underway will arrive as part of one shipment. It will include the dome system, curriculum, projector and a fan. As indicated in the instructions, be sure to set up the dome in a room with adequate clearance — including at least 10½ feet ceiling height. Within 15 minutes, your dome can be ready to welcome your students for an awesome learning experience!

Getting prepared for the launch of an extraordinary learning experience is easy. With the instructions provided by StarLab, you can count on having the planetarium set up within minutes. And putting the planetarium away at the end of the day is just as simple. It takes 15 minutes or less to put everything, including the dome, projector and fan, back in their carrying cases.

3. Teaching It

Explore an extensive selection of StarLab curriculum to keep your young audiences captivated. Designed by teachers for teachers, the curriculum covers a wide selection of subject matter including astronomy, geology, weather and mythology. We also offer teaching guides and tools to help you further engage your students.

The StarLab curriculum has been designed by teachers with the specific needs of teachers in mind, and all curriculum meets current NGSS standards. You can be assured that the materials, activities and guides will equip you with what you need to engage your students — without the hours of preparation it would normally take to get started. Get ready to captivate your audience.

4. Expand Your Program

The opportunities to further engage students are endless with the StarLab system. In addition to astronomy, our extensive curriculum includes lessons in geography, meteorology and more. Students will be able to gain a better understanding of topics ranging from solar systems to weather patterns. A StarLab investment continues to pay off for many years.

With the StarLab program, you have endless opportunities to build upon your learning experiences for years to come. We’ll guide you on new ways to incorporate the StarLab curriculum into your lessons for students at different grade levels. The learning never stops!