Digital StarLab

Built to Maximize Your Budget

The Digital StarLab is a compact, manually-operated, user-friendly planetarium projection system that was designed to produce the best quality starfield images of any projection system in its price range for portable and small fixed domes.

This all-in-one, cutting edge digital projection system is created especially for use in portable domes. Powered by the impressive Starry Night™ software, its state-of-the-art resolution yields a truly breathtaking and realistic sky. The Digital StarLab offers a professional experience at a scholastic price. Doesn’t your school, planetarium or science center deserve it? Not only do we pack the most powerful astronomy software available into a small planetarium. We also offer The Layered Earth™ package. This software teaches Earth Science using the fully immersive dome. Instead of traveling into the sky, burrow deep into the Earth. Why limit yourself to only one subject? You won’t find a better portable planetarium or more helpful crew than here at StarLab. We’d be honored to assist you in any way you need, for as long as you have your system. That’s why we’re here. That’s the way we do things.

The Digital Dome comes in 5, 6, and 7-meter sizes and is designed for use with Digital or Analog projectors. The interior consists of a plush gray surface which is ideal for Digital projections.

The Digital StarLab comes with the finest projection software available in a portable planetarium.

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