What’s Included

The Countdown to Space

In order to purchase your full StarLab experience you have three steps:

  1. Choosing your dome
  2. Choosing your software
  3. Choosing your training (Optional)

Below you will find all the information about each step needed to get your students to space. If you have any questions, email us at starlab@starlab.com.

Step 1: The Dome

The cloth used in each dome is custom made for this specific application and is designed with the highest standards possible for fire retardancy. Each batch of cloth manufactured for StarLab has to pass stringent laboratory testing for fire retardancy before it is accepted for manufacturing of the dome.

  • Dome Size
  • Height
  • Diameter
  • Capacity*
  • 5 Meter
  • 10.5 ft.
  • 16 ft.
  • 25+
  • 6 Meter
  • 12 ft.
  • 19 ft.
  • 38+
  • 7 Meter
  • 13.5 ft.
  • 22 ft.
  • 50+

* Dimensions and capacity are estimated, student size and maturity level may vary occupancy levels.
** Price and freight subject to change. Inflation fan included in pricing.

Step 2: The Software & Projection

All software & projection packages include a tablet/laptop to run our software, a 1200 pixel projector with a 360 fish-eye lens, a projector case, and software updates.

  • Starry Night
  • Explore the wonders of the universe with curriculum that spans the solar system, galaxies, dark matter, planets, stars and all the mysteries the cosmos holds.
  • Layered Earth
  • With interactive activities and lessons designed to spark discussions, you’ll be more effective in teaching lessons in meteorology, geology and geography.
  • Starry Night & Layered Earth
  • Discover astronomy, geology, geography, and meteorology with this all encompassing package including both software packages!

Step 3: The Training (Optional)

While it is not needed to have training to use the Starry Night or Layered Earth software, you may want some to benefit from the full experience of this amazing software. In this training we cover how to generally run the software, how to customize, how to plan lessons in the applications, and how to view videos and other media using your dome.

  • 4 Hours
  • 8 Hours

Find the StarLab that’s right for you.