Classic StarLab Cylinders


The StarLab Projection Cylinders are the secret to the versatility of StarLab. These interchangeable, computer-generated film cylinders fit over the projection lamp of the StarLab Projector to create vivid images on the inside of the StarLab Dome. They make it easy to demonstrate the night sky, the inside of a biological cell, a global projection of the earth or ancient mythological characters.

Constant development of new cylinders, many in a variety of new disciplines, has made our system a truly versatile tool for every area of education. These cylinders may be purchased individually at any time, allowing you to add onto your system to accommodate your budgetary and curriculum needs.

Below is a complete list of cylinders for use with the StarLab Standard Projector and FiberArc Projector.
Click on a cylinder name below for pictures, manuals and detailed information.