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With the StarLab interactive experience as a learning tool, you can engage students with a wide range of lessons including science, geography and astronomy. All of our scientifically-accurate materials are designed and reviewed by teachers — with the specific needs of teachers like you in mind. Best of all, Starry Night and Layered Earth software meet current Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). You’ll have easy-to-follow manuals, hands-on activities, topic discussions, teacher guides and more to kick off an exciting school year.



Physical Geography


Explore the wonders of the universe with curriculum that spans the solar system, galaxies, dark matter, planets, stars and more.


With interactive activities and lessons designed to spark discussions, you’ll be more effective in teaching lessons in meteorology, geology and geography.


StarLab teaching materials are designed to help you lay a solid educational foundation that equips your students for a lifetime of discovery and learning.