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THE StarLab LED Projector

Introducing the latest innovation to our world-famous StarLab! We’ve turned to the most advanced lighting technology available today: light emitting diodes, or LEDs.

Instead of filaments or tiny balls of plasma, these devices produce light by exciting a silicon chip. This means that there are nofilaments to burn out and no excessive heat damage to lamps! The lifetime of the main lamp on our LED projector is now thousands of hours (as opposed to tens or hundreds). Light output is comparable to the Fiberarc projector, with the simplicity of the standard. Like the Fiberarc, our new LED projector also includes meridian and cardinal points projectors. A blue LED illuminates the cardinal points, while a red LED lights the meridian . The side gooseneck LED lamps have a selectable white or red light output (white for illumination, red for reading). A quiet, variable speed motor operates in either direction to show Northern or Southern hemisphere motion. Each lighting control is dimmable for the perfect StarLab experience.

  1. Two, removable, fully-adjustable gooseneck side lamps with red or white color selection: White light is useful for illuminating the dome and the entry tube, while the red light is good for illuminating the control panels on the projector and for low-light reading.
  2. Meridian Projector: produces a scale from northern horizon to zenith to southern horizon with degrees of declination marked in 5º intervals. Illuminated by a red LED and fully dimmable.
  3. Pressure bar for adjusting latitude: provides an easy grip for tilting the cylinder platform to change the latitude.
  4. Daily motion motor: rotates the cylinders to simulate the movement of the celestial sphere over 24 hours. Motor has quiet operation and can rotate clockwise for the northern hemisphere or counterclockwise for the southern hemisphere. Motor can also be turned off for no rotation.
  5. Cardinal Points Projector: produces images of the directional points N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW. Illuminated by a blue LED and fully dimmable.
  6. Side lamp dimmer knob: controls the brightness of the “house lights.”
  7. Side lamp color selection rocker switch: switches the color of the side lamps to red or white
  8. Platform speed control: controls the speed of the daily motion. Turn this all the way down to eliminate the rotation.
  9. Rocker switch for platform rotation: clockwise for the northern hemisphere, counterclockwise for the southern hemisphere.
  10. Cardinal Points Projector knob: controls brightness of the Cardinal Points Projector. Turn this all the way down to eliminate Cardinal Points projection
  11. Meridian Projector knob: controls brightness of the Meridian Projector. Turn this all the way down to eliminate Meridian projection.
  12. Projection Brightness knob: controls main projection brightness. Turn this all the way down to turn off main projection
  13. High power LED lamp and housing: gimballed to maintain a vertical position at any latitude; the lamp housing serves to define the horizon on the dome; LEDs have life cycles in the thousands of hours reducing time out of service due to burned out bulbs; lensed to give a clear and bright image. Brightness is comparable to our FiberArc projector.

* We no longer offer parts or repair services for SL-135 Fiber-Arc projectors. We do, however, accept this model for trade-in towards a new projector.

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