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[row] [span12] [hero_unit title="What Makes STARLAB® Portable Planetariums Unique?" text="The Starlab has been creating memories long before any other portable planetarium. First invented in the late 1970s, it has had a long and colorful history. With it, over a million students have gotten their first, and in many cases only, in depth look at...
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STARLAB® History

Science First / STARLAB

Morris and Lee
Science First / STARLAB® - is the premiere manufacturer of the STARLAB and Digital STARLAB portable planetariums. Science First / STARLAB came into existence in July of 2008 as Science First of Yulee FL purchased Learning Technologies and the STARLAB product line. Along with portable-inflatable planetaria, Science...
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Digital STARLAB® Projectors

The Digital STARLAB is a portable digital planetarium. Think of how convenient it would be for you to have your very own planetarium, instead of being at the mercy of someone else's schedule. You could do tailored lessons when and where you want, entirely under your own discretion. With the inflatable dome, you can set...
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