STARLAB® Testimonials

8/3/2016 - Foundation grant helps kids space out - A new Star Lab Planetarium is headed to Hemingway Elementary
Where most planetariums bring kids into space, Ernest Hemingway Elementary School has been bringing the planetarium to kids for more than 20 years. A major grant from the Wood River Women’s Foundation will mean that a brand new Star Lab Planetarium will be arriving soon, helping inspire kids for years to come. READ MORE

6/19/2015 - A story from a STARLAB student:
One of the fondest memories I have of elementary school were the days when I saw the big silver dome blown up in the gym. I crawled into the tunnel illuminated by a single flashlight at the end, and when my teacher turned it off, the sky lit up above me. 20 years later, the manic of the sky and stories of the constellations and the stars stay with me. I find myself looking up still, telling the stories to my friends and marveling at the amazing depths of space and time made tangible by this technology. Thank you for making an excellent teaching tool with long-lasting "sticking power", I wish every kid got to have a similar experience!

Best, Andrea Hunter

The digital planetarium we recently purchased from Science First / STARLAB has proved to be an invaluable educational tool. Our mission at the Mobius Science Center is to “spark curiosity and ignite imagination” and our mission goal has been helped in no small part by the planetarium’s ease of use and the “WOW!” factor it brings to astronomy.

Outreach education can be a challenging field and the most important features for portable science equipment has to be durability and ease of transport. The planetarium’s hardy structure and design has made it possible to deliver high-quality astronomy education to far flung communities that might other wise not be able to visit the Mobius Science Center site.

In addition, the software provided makes education a breeze. Numerous pre-made lessons have never failed to delight and entertain our audiences. The special part of this platform however, is the ability to manipulate the program and database to either create custom lessons or modify existing lessons. Add Internet capabilities to update data and do real-time astronomy, and the possibilities for exciting, engaging lessons are almost endless.

The mobile digital planetarium from Science First / STARLAB will continue to be a star of our outreach educational programs for years to come. A quality product backed by top-notch customer care helps us at the Mobius Science Center to spark the curiosity of the next generation of astronomers and scientists.

~ Aaron Berenbach
Education Coordinator
Mobius Science Center
Spokane, Washington

It is awesome. Great fun for kids and adults alike. Learned some for myself.

~ Casi Gronenthal
Parent Chaperon
Mobius Science Center

Kid's obviously can't go to space; this is a way where experience and learning about space can come to them.

~ Betty Wolf
Principal Pioneer School

There is little doubt in the minds of anyone who steps into the STARLAB dome that it has a unique ability to draw everyone into a wonderful and magical world of astronomy. By looking and listening to those distant worlds, we know so much more today about the origins of the universe, the nature of our galaxy, the composition of our Solar System and the condition of our home, the Earth.

STARLAB is a portable planetarium. Its inflatable dome accommodates up to 30 students or 20 adults. Inside the dome, a cylinder projector shows the night sky devoid of any light pollution and takes us on a journey from the South Pole to the Equator to the North Pole.

~ A. L
Princeton Day School
Princeton, NJ

We can observe our whole galaxy and study the Solar System. We can look deep beneath the Earth's crust to see the tectonic plates and study causes and effects of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. STARLAB can also serve as a great vehicle for exploring different cultures. We can see the sky through the eyes of ancient Egyptians and Greeks, learn the legends of ancient China and Africa, and study the tales of Native Americans.

~ A. L
Princeton Day School
Princeton, NJ

Set-up time is a mere ten minutes and the entire system fits into three small cases and a duffel bag. It is easily operation by a single classroom teacher and can be used by classes of every level, from primary school art to Advanced Placement science.

~ A. L
Princeton Day School
Princeton, NJ

Having the STARLAB as a cross-curricular learning tool may open the door for our students to explore well beyond our realm of imagination.

~ A. L
Princeton Day School
Princeton, NJ

We are using the Digital STARLAB® with the public, visiting school groups, private events and education classes...

~ Director
New York Hall of Science,
Queens, NY

Ease of use is unparalleled for my students - yet Digital STARLAB® offers the complexities to do professional work.

~ Planetarium Director
Exeter, NH

Having the STARLAB® as a cross-curricular learning tool may open the door for our students to explore well beyond our realm of imagination.

~ A. L
Princeton Day School
Princeton, NJ

The STARLAB® Dome has the unique ability to draw everyone into a wonderful and magical world of astronomy.

~ Teacher
New Jersey

Don't think you need a planetarium at all to get the most from [Astronomy and More]. It makes an ideal addition to your history, geography, general science or even art classes....There's a lot in this book worth having. What sets [it] apart is the activities section.

~ The Planetarian

Written by teachers for teachers, [the Starry Night™] curriculum tracks national science standards and includes assessment tools, detailed lesson plans, hands-on activities, student worksheets. The universe comes down to earth.

~ Director
Hayden Planetarium


I finally got a chance to see the new LED projector under my dome, and it looks great. I never realized how blurry the FiberArc was until I saw the pin points of the LED projection. Everything still works (forward and reverse motion), and it's all clean and like new. I am very happy.

~ Denise Vacca
Stars on the Move Inc. Referring to a FiberArc to LED retrofit


The Star Lab has been an invaluable educational tool for us over the years. More and more research comes out each year supporting the conclusion that hands-on, experiential learning is more effective than sitting at a desk and listening to a lecture. If that is true, and I believe wholeheartedly that it is, then the Star Lab is an excellent way to provide that sort of education!

~ Lisa Ralls Naturalist
Winnebago County Conservation Board

We have set up the Starlab and tested all the equipment and I am happy to say that we are thrilled with everything. There were no problems or questions about anything. Thank you for all of your help, and your patience.

~ Dawn Olive, Administrative Aide
Center for STEM Research, Education & Outreach

We have been using the Layered Earth software and the responses we've received have been uniformly positive.

~ Aaron Berenbach
Mobius Science Center

Your attention to your customers is amazing!  I appreciate all your assistance with the Starlab.  The trainings energize our team!

Thank you again,

                                                                                                          ~Kathy Hopen, CCDF Director

We just received our large dome back from you after being repaired and it looks fantastic! Thank you for doing such a great job! Our naturalists were especially impressed with how perfectly and tightly it was folded in the duffel bag when you returned it.

                                                                                                                                 ~Liz Platner, CIG


It's great to know we have such fantastic support despite the geographical distance.

                                                                                             ~The Cheltenham Ladies' College, UK



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