Find a STARLAB® Ambassador

Are you interested in having a STARLAB® at your organization and you cannot justify the budget for it yet?

We have a solution for you - our growing community of Ambassadors.

Ambassadors are STARLAB® enthusiasts, experienced educators, they have their own digital or classic STARLAB® system and they are eager to introduce the wonders of the Universe to you and your students.

One of our Ambassadors is Gary Muzio.

Garry has a classic STARLAB® and operates from New Jersey a company called Stardome. He is covering the New York, New Jersey Metro Area. You can reach Garry at 201-444-3484 and get introduced to his program at

Are you interested in an introduction to one of our Ambassadors? Please give us a call at 904-225-5558 or at 585-406-2296 and we will connect you.

Please see our interactive map of Abmbassadors to find one near you.