Digital STARLAB®

The Digital STARLAB is now available in three packages to stretch your budget! Choose between Titan, Atlas, and Saturn. All packages are named after heavy lift launch systems.

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The Digital STARLAB® is a compact, manually-operated, user-friendly planetarium projection system that was designed to produce the best quality starfield images of any projection system in its price range for portable and small fixed domes.

The Digital Dome comes in 5 and 7 meter sizes and is designed for use with Digital or Analog STARLAB projectors. The interior consists of a plush gray surface which is ideal for Digital projections.

The Digital Starlab comes with the finest projection software available in a portable planetarium.

Digital STARLAB Manual

The Digital STARLAB® Presentation:

The Digital StarLab Presentation - PDF
The Digital StarLab Presentation - PPT

  • What is a STARLAB?
  • How does the projector work?
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