Yulee Science Fair

This morning we took the Starlab to Yulee Elementary School, to do a demonstration for the winners of the science fair. There were about 30 students, grades 3 and 4.

Using the Starlab, we took the students on a brief tour of the cosmos. We learned how to use constellations to navigate, how eclipses work, the features of Mars and Jupiter, and learned a little about the complex orbital dynamics that keep Saturn's rings stable. We left the earth and came back all in one convenient, half hour lesson.

I was greatly impressed with the knowledge of some of the students. Some of them knew more about the sky than many adults I've met. One was able to bring astonomy and history together; he gave a brief talk about how important Ursa Minor was to the Underground Railroad. It's a correlation I would be happy to hear an adult make; out of a fourth grader, it was a marvel.



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  1. Helmut Albrecht
    What a great way to introduce kids to astronomy.

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