Wild Amelia Press Release

Planetarium and telescope show for 01/18/13

At about 3pm, Helmut Albrecht (cell 585 406 2296) and Nate Bell  from Science First/STARLAB (with perhaps one other person from their company) will start to set up in the Rec. Center across from the Fort.  Kathy Russell (904 277 7350) who is on the Wild Amelia Board and who is  Parks and Recreation Department Greenway Manager for the City of Fernandina will have a space ready.  Helmut and Nate will bring two “things”, (1) the main attraction, the incredible STARLAB and (2) a “side show” consisting of one or more tables of scientific/ecology exhibits to entertain those waiting to go into the STARLAB.   The STARLAB is large and will require a space greater than 20ft x 20ft x 11 ft high.  Wild Amelia will have two or more volunteers in addition to myself to do “crowd control” and to assist Helmut and Nate.  The STARLAB is an inflatable dome planetarium that can accommodate up to 25 children/adults at a time.  The presentations run roughly 20-25 minutes – and so can handle about 50 people each hour.  The presentations may vary at Helmut’s discretion depending on the ages and adult/child mix but will be tied to the star gazing and presentation by Link Cooper late in the day at Fort Clinch.  Presentations inside the STARLAB will begin at 3:30 and continue until 7:30.  At about that time, we’ll close things down at the Rec Center and move over to the Fort.  We’ll need at least two people from Wild Amelia to assist.


At about 4 to 4:30, Link Cooper and his associates from NEFAS (North East Florida Astronomical Society) will begin to arrive at Fort Clinch.  Guards or Volunteers at the gate will be alerted by Ben Faure’s staff (our “point person” for this event is Ranger Marie Bucher – (904 277 7233).

Attendees should be entering the fort about 7 to 7:30.  There will be no charge for their entrance.

Link and his group will set up between 7 and 10 telescopes on the parade grounds of the Fort.  The theme will be “THE BIGGEST, THE BRIGHTEST, AND THE NEWEST!”  Link Cooper will send Kathy Brooks more info about the telescopes and stars we’ll be observing.  The main features will be the partial moon, Jupiter, and the constellation, Orion.   The events at the fort will start at 8pm with an introduction of Wild Amelia, a “Thanks to Fort Clinch Staff”, and introduction to Link (Kathy Brooks – would you do that?) – followed by Linc’s talk and then the star gazing.    We all need to be out of the parade grounds by no later than 10pm.

In the event of dreaded r a i n  - or almost as bad  - c l o u d s:   Link Cooper will contact me by 4pm.  I’ll contact Marie Butcher and she’ll notify folks at the Fort.

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