Wild Amelia Event = Smashing!

We had a most outstanding success today!  We had over 400 children and adults go through Star Lab and were entertained, educated, and inspired.  They all – without prompting -  used one word when asked to describe the event:  AWESOME!  So Helmut, Nate, Frances – BRAVO!
Your folks at the Fort were superb!  I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful cooperation and great partnership in helping almost 200 people to see the wonders that are there – and in the most perfect setting for miles!  Please thank Marie Bucher, Brandon, Frank (who by the way gave an incredible speech the other night at the Museum of History and did your whole Fort proud!), and the other rangers who made people comfortable – and showed them how incredible the Fort is at night.  Some folks told me they’d never been to the Fort before – but were definitely coming back to see and experience more.  And please give special thanks to the wonderful Ranger who lit the fire, warmed people’s bodies, and with his wonderful tales and stories of the Fort, helped them marvel at the treasure it is to all of us in Amelia.
Link, please relay to your folks how much we all appreciated not only their talent and skills – but also their uncommon warmth and friendliness and willingness to share the wonder of the skies with the many children and adults (including myself) who had never before had the excitement of looking through a really good telescope.  You literally opened our eyes to the skies!
Walter, thanks for bringing so many young children to the event from the Boys and Girls Club.  They were wonderfully behaved and more importantly – really really interested and excited!   What a neat thing to see how they reacted to the scientific experiments and to the Star Lab.
Kathy, thanks to you and all the folks at the Rec Center for helping to publicize the event and make things go so smoothly!
All of us at Wild Amelia say THANKS!  We made a terrific team that shared with almost 600 people the wonderful world we live in – and beyond!
And who knows what inspiration we sparked in some child’s mind?
Steve Leimberg

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  1. Helmut Albrecht
    There is also only one word that describes our experience as educators: awesome! Wild Amelia, Thanks for the opportunity to teach children and adults about the beauty of the universe!

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