Welcome to STARLAB!

Welcome to the new Starlab website!

What a difference the past year has made. Starlab has continued to evolve, bringing the wonders of a planetarium into the lives of more and more students. Here are a few highlights of what has happened over the past year:

1. The Department of Defense ordered 15 of our Fiberarc projectors and 50 of our Digital Starlabs. These units will be used in the overseas school districts administered by the DoD. Now, the children of our hardworking military personnel will have a chance to see the sky as it was meant to be seen.

2. We have updated our Classic Starlab. Gone are the old standard and Fiberarc projectors. Instead, we took the power of the Fiberarc and the usability of the standard and combined them into a single package: the Starlab LED projector. Get the brightest and best performance, at the lowest price! All of your cylinders, accessories, and other Starlab equipment will work with the new projector.

3. We've expanded our trade in program to give you more options. We even offer a credit for competing equipment! Contact us for details.

Starlab continues to evolve and meet the needs of educators. Please take a minute to explore our website. We always value your feedback.

Watch this blog. We'll be adding articles not only about Starlab, but about astronomy, education, and science in general. If you have a post you would like to submit, please contact us.

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  1. Helmut Albrecht
    I like your new website. The navigation is more clear than your previous site. The wizard is a great tool to give "new to Starlab" folks a better idea what fits best for them. I am looking forward to see more of your Ambassadors listed on the site.

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