Web Conference with International Reps

Coming at you straight out of the "why didn't I think of that before?" department.

This morning Helmut and I had a web conference with some of our internation Starlab representitives. We had Savio Fong from Hong Kong, Per Broman from Sweden, and Ernst Marias from South Africa. These are but three of our many distributors; the others were otherwise occupied.

We held the meeting at 6am. Becuase Starlab has a global reach, we have representitives in almost every time zone. This makes coordinating live meetings difficult, as you can imagine. With Hong Kong being 12 hours ahead of us, one has to be willing to work at funny hours in order to host a meeting.

We discussed, among other things, the new Digital Starlab packages. These are already available in the US, and will be hitting the global market very shortly.

We look forward to hosting at least one meeting per quarter. Being able to bring ideas from all over the world together can only benefit you, the customer.


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