Vagaries of Vesta

Vesta is a large object in the asteroid belt. Technically, it's the largest asteroid, because Ceres has been promoted to dwarf planet status. The Dawn probe has been examining Vesta, and has sent back surprising data. We always knew Vesta was special, but never expected this.

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Vesta is the last large object left over from the formation of the solar system. As we know, many years ago a bunch of dust, gas, and other debris coalesced into the sun, planets, asteroids, and comets that make up our solar system. Much of this material has undergone huge changes in the intervening eons.

Not Vesta. Left alone in the gulf of space, it perseveres. Preserved and protected, it harbors the last supply of the original material that went into making the rocky planets. By studying Vesta, we are in effect going back in time to look at Earth when it was brand new.

It might also make a fantastic spot for a summer home.

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