Two Atoms is Better than One

Even under the best of circumstances, the world of Quantum Mechanics is mind bogglingly strange. It is so weird, one could almost imagine a mischievous god creating it simply to torture human brains.

Now, scientists have used some of these strange effects to split an atom into two, and then recombine it.

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Since an atom (or any subatomic particle) exists in several states at once, the scientists used a laser confinement system to split a supercooled cesium atom into two, and then recombine it. Two atoms weren't really created; instead, a single atom existed in two different states in two different locations.

This is huge. This is beyond the capability of my brain to comfortably comprehend. All of my scientific knowledge, modest though it is, is insufficient to grasp the enormity of this event. We have been able to make two atoms out of one, a seemingly impossible achievement.

There are larger questions. For example, what if this effect takes place in nature? What if every particle in existence is simply a different facet of a single, primeval particle?

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