Hello all;

Helmut and I will be traveling this weekend. In fact, we leave tomorrow. We must cover vast distances at great speed in order to reach our destination in time. Where are we going? Inquiring minds will want to know, so I'l We will be journeying up to Columbus Ohio. Now, the shrewd amongst us may ask: what is so compelling about Columbus that one would leave sunny Florida to visit it? Ohio, even under the best of circumstances, is simply going to be less pleasant in October than Florida is. There's no way around it; latitude must have its say. I greatly fear the wind and rain will chill us to the bone.

However, Columbus may not be warm but it does have one unique treasure: the annual conference of the Association of Science and Technology Centers. Starlabs, after all, are high tech pieces of equipment. While many of them end up in schools, a fair chunk live their lives at science centers. They are commonly used for outreach programs by institutions that have a large fixed dome planetarium. Sometimes, a smaller science center will use a Starlab as its only planetarium. After all, everyone should get the chance to explore the universe.

While there, we will see all the high tech goodies being unveiled this year. We will play with holograms, talk with robots, and show the cosmos to everyone. It should be a fun time!

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