The Higgs Appears to be Shy

As many of you know, the search for the Higgs Boson has been a long and tortuous one. The Higgs field is the mechanism that gives particles mass, so finding the boson in question is of great importance to physicists. The Higgs is the last particle in the Standard Model that remains undescribed.

Using the Large Hadron Collider, scientists have been finding tantalizing hints of the Higgs. However, these hints are just that: hints. There is no official confirmation of the mysterious particle yet.

However, the hints are getting stronger. Scientists are now fairly certain that the particle does indeed exist, and it is simply a matter of getting up to the proper energy level. Now, being fairly certain and being scientifically certain are two very different things. It may be some years yet before the Higgs can be conclusively pinned down. However, its waited billions of years to be discovered. It can wait a little while longer.

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    Who's this Higgs and why should we care? Anonymous

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