The Ares Teaser

Good morning all;

I have a quick teaser for you this morning.

The Ares rocket was a proposed design that would have had enough power to take humans to Mars (hence the name). That would have made it the most powerful rocket ever flown. The design was good, but someone had to talk Congress into spending billions on developing and building it. Obviously, that didn't happen.

Yesterday we had a long meeting with a gentleman from Projection Design. This is a norwegian company that makes extremely high end projectors. We learned a lot about the projector industry, as well as specific information for our applicastion.

As you are aware, we name our Digital Starlab Packages after heavy lift rockets, with Saturn being our top end.

So, having met with the company that makes the best projectors, and contemplating rockets even more powerful than the Saturn, I'll leave it to you imagination to figure out what we're up to.


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  1. Helmut Albrecht
    Sounds like a plan to go for more!

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