Science Fun Facts 8

  • Quantum entangled particles appear to allow information to be transmitted instantly regardless of distance. As information cannot propagate faster than light, various ideas have been formulated to explain this phenomenon, including travel through wormholes or other dimensions.
  • Gravity waves are theorized to emanate out from certain events, like a planet orbiting a star. If they propagate outwards, it opens the question of why gravity is attractive.
  • In some very deep mine shafts, giant containers of various fluids have been set up. When a neutrino strikes this fluid in a certain way, it produces a flash of light. This is currently the only way we can detect neutrinos.
  • Sonoluminescence is a term that describes how sound waves can create light in water. If you use sound to implode a bubble in water fast enough, a flash of light will be produced. There is no explanation for how this works. Some people theorize that the pressure of the collapsing bubble is high enough to produce a fusion reaction.
  • The theories of general relativity and quantum mechanics are internally consistent, and the two are utterly irreconcilable. This has perplexed physicists of every sort across the globe.
  • A sphere is the best shape for maximizing the volume to surface area ratio. It is also the simplest shape, which is why massive objects such as stars are spheres.


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