Science Fun Facts 5

  • A white hole can be considered to be a black hole moving backwards in time.
  • A particle traveling with infinite velocity would be infinitely blue shifted and infinitely red shifted from the point of view of any observer, making the particle essentially non existent.
  • Causality is not a provable physical law, but is presumed to be necessary.
  • The maximum speed of a raindrop is 18mph.
  • Bees can see ultraviolet light, which allows them to detect colors invisible to humans. This helps them identify flowers.
  • Bees can remember shapes, which helps them find their way back to the hive. Some beekeepers paint a different symbol on each hive so that the bees don't get confused.
  • Ants communicate largely by scent.
  • Octopi communicate by changing the color of their skin.
  • Reptiles can see a bit into the infrared portion of the spectrum, which helps them identify warm spots to bask.
  • Some snakes have specialized infrared detectors that allows them to 'see' in total darkness.
  • The abyssal plains at the bottom of the sea are one of the poorest environments on earth, and yet animals thrive here.
  • Many years ago, photosynthesis replaced chemosynthesis as the energy source for autotrophs. Greater energy production allowed more complex and diverse forms of life.
  • Matter to antimatter annihilation is the most energetic reaction known. At the dawn (quite literally) of the universe, this liberated energy probably fueled the expansion of space and time.


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