Science Fun Facts 3

  • An object with a mass about 13 times that of Jupiter will generate sufficient pressure in the core to cause nuclear fusion.
  • The smallpox virus was eliminated in nature, but is still stored in a few labs for research purposes.
  • It is possible in principle for space to expand faster than light, meaning galaxies on the edge of the universe will never be visible.
  • It is unknown whether or not the universe has a definable 'edge', or whether the term is even applicable.
  • Some plants, such as aspens or bamboo, form giant colonies by cloning themselves over and over. A bamboo forest might genetically be only one plant.
  • Ants are capable of many complex behaviors usually only associated with humans: engineering, war, farming, slavery, trade, and diplomacy.
  • The largest moth in the world was initially mistaken for a bird and was captured using a shotgun. It lives in New Guinea and can exceed 12 inches across the wings.
  • Plasmodium parasites, the creatures that cause malaria, are the most intensely studied of all organisms.
  • It is believed that more plasmodium parasites are produced each year than all the vertebrates that have ever lived.
  • The sun has been getting progressively brighter throughout its history, due to processes that are as yet unknown.
  • Hydrogen means 'water maker', which is precisely what it does when it burns.
  • Hydrogen is theorized to become a metal under very high pressures. While this has not been achieved experimentally, the pressures inside Jupiter are sufficient.


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