Science Fun Facts 2

  • There is a region of space called the Oort Cloud that is believed to be the source of comets in our solar system. It may extend nearly a light year out from the sun.
  • Some scientists believe that an undiscovered gas giant or brown dwarf may be hiding beyond the solar system, and its gravity perturbs the Oort Cloud, sending comets into the solar system.
  • The generally accepted theory is that the moon was formed when a mars sized object slammed into the earth and knocked debris loose. However, this hypothesis does not explain everything.
  • It is well known that gravity can alter the geometry and volume of space. It is also known that it affects the passage of time, which could imply that time has a shape.
  • It took human beings approximately 15,000 years to colonize the globe, most of it on foot.
  • Geology is arguably the most highly developed branch of knowledge.
  • Some fluids can change their viscosity due to mechanical stress, sound waves, or magnetic fields.
  • Liquids are the least common state of matter.
  • The dinosaurs in North America never saw the Rockies: they died out long before the mountains were born.
  • Giant squids have eyes up to 15 inches in diameter, the largest of any creature.


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