Return from the Body of Christ

I've been slow with my blogging lately. I've been quite sluggish due to a combination of business and exhaustion.

Helmut and I recently returned from the CAST show in Corpus Christi Texas. We were there most of last week. For those not in the know, CAST is an annual conference of science teachers, except that it is Texas specific. Each year they hold it in a different city. Once they held it in San Antonio, which is a very nice town. You should consider visiting.

Corpus Christi was a beach town but is now an oil town. Flying in at night, you could see the vast refinery and transfer complexes gleaming like jewels in the crown of some ancient god. They were lit with bright white quartz lamps, each one like a star. Call me sappy, but each of these complexes looked a little like a small galaxy, blazing with the light of many small suns. Overall I though it was beautiful. Of course, by day the complexes looked like what they are: huge cities of pipe and steel, emanating funny smells.

Of course, with the Starlab we were able to show off our own galaxy to the attendees. Ours may not be quite as impressive as the oil cities at night, but it is far more portable and undoubtedly less expensive.

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  1. David Gerhart
    Hi Helmut,Can you share information with me on Starlab? This sounds very interesting.Of late I have been reading/listening/watching content on cosmology. I think every child is drawn to the stars in some way - I certainly remember being awestruck on my first visit to a planetarium.Thanks and warm regards,David
    • Hello David;Please stand by for more information via Helmut, our national sales manager.Best regards, Nathaniel
  2. Helmut Albrecht
    Starlab is for sure more portable than refineries and the galaxies and constellations in the dome can be displayed 24 hours a day.

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