Return from Atlanta

Atlanta is arguably the greatest city in the south. Most people know about it because of the airport (Hartsfield Jackson International), but the city itself is very highly developed. I've always thought of it as New York with better weather and fewer New Yorkers.

Helmut and I attended the regional NSTA conference there last week with the Starlab. It was one of the best conferences of the year, with more attendees than had originally been planned for. We were the only dome there, and of course everyone wanted to see it! We were very busy and enjoyed every moment. We actually ran out of brochures at one point, something that seldom happens.

We also took the time to meet with many of our existing customers. Georgia has long been good to us, and we recognize that. Per capita, the State of Georgia may be the highest users of Starlabs in the entire world (Texans, do not feel disappointed, you still lead in absolute terms).

We'd like to give a special thanks to all the NSTA staff who work so hard to make the conferences a reality, and to all the attendees who make it worthwhile.

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  1. Helmut Albrecht
    I fully agree with Nates report. Great convention, well organized, good location, nice people, lots of interest about our products and solutions. Next stop will be CAST in Corpus Christi. Will head out in 1 hour.

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