Reactions to the Transit

As we all know, the much hyped transit of Venus occurred last night in the United States. This rare event, only the 7th ever recorded, is one of the crowning achievements of Newtonian physics. Scientists are able to predict the timing of such an event decades or even centuries into the future.

Full story here.

I myself have longed to witness this event. I missed the transit in 2004, so this year I cancelled all my plans for the evening, grabbed my solar telescope, and settled in to wait. Alas, Northeast Florida was hit by a deluge that lasted all afternoon and all night. I was defeated by the weather.

The next transit will take place in 2117, which would make me 130 years old at the time. Assuming I'm still around, I'm going to find the driest place possible from which to view it. If I have to wait another 100 years to witness a transit, nothing is going to stand in my way.

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