Quantum Communication Lurches Forward

For the sirst time, scientists have developed a network capable of transmitting quantum information. This has the possibility of one day building a network that is fast, immune to hacking, and capable of operating instantaneously.

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Why is this important?

Quantum mechanics is funny stuff, for lack of a better way to put it. Events in the quantum world make no sense when viewed through a classical lens. For example, we are all familiar with the famous double slit experiment, where a photon seemed to be everywhere until it was actually measured.

Computers that utilize quantum scale events are potentially much more powerful than classic computers. This is partly due to size (a subatomic particle is much smaller than any transistor), but also due to a curious property of quantum bits. These qbits can be both a 1 or a 0, simultaneously, instead of a traditional transitior, which is either/or. This means that a string of qbits can hold essentially any amount of information, until it is measured and the desired information removed. I'm hardly an expert on quantum mechanics, but I can recognize the value of something even if I don't know how it works.

Ancient chinese curses aside, I am glad that we live in interesting times. The possibility of quantum computing has the potential of radically altering the planet. This technology will not simply change computers, it will change everything.

Now if only they could perfect fusion reactors.

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  1. Helmut Albrecht
    Sounds like establishing a world wide web for quantum communication. Didn't the web start like this anyway: to be used as a network to interchange science information?
  2. Wanita
    I wonder if, while they are at it, they would quantum the cellphone signal in my area !? please?

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