Coming at you, straight from the "oh sh**" department, NASA has had a bit of a setback lately. As we know Curiosity was a resounding success, redeeming the competence of NASA in many eyes. However, this competence apparently does not translate across all divisions.

While conducting its first test flight, the spacecraft Morpheus exploded on the launchpad. While doubtless this explosion would have delighted many twelve year olds, it probably led many of the engineers on site to weep with frustration. Morpheus is a prototype of a cargo spacecraft for bringing things to the moon.

Maybe we shouldn't be too hard on NASA. All the best engineers were probably working on Curiosity, leaving Morpheus in the hands of the proverbial interns. I doubt I would have done any better.

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  1. Deepak
    Well if you look at it from a flag planting point of view the Soviets got a few robots up there, and the Americans a few robots and some people, so they may have a claim. I guess if we get some settlers up there then they can stake out there own claims. I suspect though that some international body such as the International Astronomical Union, might need to be involved in divvying up things.But certainly the people selling the rights to land on the moon have no legal basis for doing so.

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