New Representative

Here at Starlab, we are pleased to announce the addition of a new international representative. Hailing from the bustling, perpetually hot Kolkata (Calcutta, for those who prefer archaic names), Amitava Maitra has spent a lifetime navigating the complex and often inscrutable paths in the world of science in India.

India is vast and ancient, so much so that it is rightfully called a subcontinent, being a distinct and separate entity from the rest of Asia. In 30 years it will be the most populous nation that ever existed, with a mighty economy to boot. Already, it is a global leader in service industries. Speaking English and numbering in the hundreds of millions, young Indians are ready to take the world by storm.

If India wishes to keep the sizable gains it has already made, it will need to make education a priority. Huge strides have been made, especially in rural areas, but more is needed. An uneducated child will probably spend his days growing rice, whereas one with a strong science background might one day found a world class company. To that end, science centers and academies are springing up like mushrooms all over India.

I'm not saying that the Starlab is going to single handedly change the subcontinent. The region is simply to vast and old to be changed that easily. Despite that, the Starlab will still make India just a tiny bit brighter.

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