More on the Asteroidal Angst

The Earth was recently buzzed by two small asteroids. One of them was large but missed by a huge margin; the other was smaller and came nearer. The two events took place May 28th and 29th.

Full story here.

At 16ft and 69ft across, these rocks are too small to cause much damage. The smaller one would have likely burned up in the atmosphere. The larger of the two might have made it to ground, but even then would not have had enough energy to cause too much damage.

In either case, the asteroids missed us by a considerable margin, well over a planetary diameter. However, there is some cause for worry. These asteroids were only recently discovered; the small one was discovered only after it flew by. What does this mean? We have a pretty good handle on where all the large Near Earth Asteroids are. However, several medium sized ones could do a lot of damage. It's possible there are swarms of them out there, lurking undetected, slowly but surely planning their attack. They could be coming at this very moment, and we wouldn't be able to stop them. Or, they might be in stable orbits and never come at all.

We won't know for sure without more detailed scans of the surrounding space.

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