Massive “Stellar Nursery” Photographed

The Tarantula nebula has been a know nursery for stars for some time now. However, new, panoramic photos taken by the Hubble Space Telescope reveal just what an incredible structure it really is. It rivals anything else in the cosmos, at least that we can see.

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These stellar nurseries are important. As everyone knows, stars need massive quantities of hydrogen and helium to form. They often have other elements in them as well, which can affect the star's properties. Finding enough basic building material to build a structure of this scale, i.e. a star, is difficult in open space. There simply isn't enough stray gas floating around. That's why these massive nurseries are so important. The huge clouds of dust and gas provide materials in a concentrated form, which is crucial for the formation of stars.

Even though it is old, obsolete, and scheduled for decommissioning, the Hubble is still an incredible piece of scientific equipment. No other instrument built by man has told us more about the natural world.

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