From Russia with Meteors

The meteor that crashed to earth in Russia was about 55 feet in diameter, weighed around 10,000 tons and was made from a stony material, scientists said, making it the largest such object to hit the Earth in more than a century.

Large pieces of it have yet to be found. However, a team from Ural Federal University, which is based in Yekaterinburg, collected 53 fragments, the largest of which was 7 millimeters, according to Viktor Grokhovsky, a scientist at the university.

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My own $0.02:

First, there are many videos of the air-burst available online. Why, you ask? The reason is Russian car insurance. The insurance market is Russia is primitive to say the least, so almost every driver has a small camera mounted on their dashboard that records a few minutes of video. That way, if they get into an accident they can show the authorities who was to blame. With thousands of cameras zipping around, some of them were bound to catch the meteor.

I found it amusing that in none of these videos do the drivers panic. The air-burst looks very much like a nuclear blast, but the drivers continued on their way. Says something about Russian stoicism.

I also found it ironic that with the entire world focused on an asteroid that had no chance of hitting us, they completely missed the object that did.


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