Foiled again

Recently, defined in this case as late last night, I returned from a brief vacation to Brazil. While there I saw many things.

Part of the trip was to Iguassu Falls, the largest waterfall on Earth. It is composed of 275 smaller waterfalls and one main. Some of the side ones rival Niagara, and the main makes it look like a child's crude attempt at a copy. You can hear the roar from many miles away, and close up the earth shakes from the force of the water. The plume of mist stretches many hundreds of feet into the air, and never comes back down. The falls are a constant generator of clouds.

Seeing as Iguassu is in a rural area in the southern hemisphere, I had hoped to catch a glimpse of the Magellanic clouds. Now, Brazil is not far south enough to be an ideal viewing location, but it is possible. Regrettably, I was foiled yet again. Overcast skies at night obscured my view.

Looking at unusual astronomical phenomena is one of my favorite activities, but the world does not agree. Time and time again I am foiled by the weather gods. It might be high time to camp out in the middle of some desert in Namibia.



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  1. Helmut Albrecht
    Welcome back to the Starry Night over JAX!

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