Flags Still Stand on the Moon

New Images from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter have showed something that was thought to be impossible: there is something on the moon that shouldn't be there. It has endured for many years, lurking on the surface. What's more, there appears to be several of them, not just one. They should have died off long ago, but they still stand in silent vigil over their dead world.

No, I'm not talking about the aliens. We have no evidence that aliens ever visited the moon (except us of course), and in any case, I don't think the moon is a good place for aliens. Its cold, dry, and dead. If aliens were ever on the moon, they surely would have come to Earth instead.

What is on the moon are five of the original six American flags planted there by the Apollo missions. Shadow analysis indicates they are still standing. Given the huge temperature swings on the moon and the direct exposure to radiation, they were not expected to survive this long. That they did is a testament to how well built everything was during the Apollo years.

Maybe now we should go and brighten up the flags a bit.


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