Back from Horse Country

Hello All;

Helmut and I have returned from Louisville Kentucky, a place known for horses, whiskey, and baseball bats. Indeed, while in a taxi from the airport the driver asked us if we were in town to buy some horses! However, this was not the case. Disappointed, the driver switched topics to Muhammad Ali, who I was surprised to learn is from around there. Boxing is not really our style, and the driver again failed to engage us. Finally he talked about the state of college basketball in Kentucky during the 70's. Ultimately I had very little interest in this topic, but after rebuffing him twice I felt compelled to humor him.

I have to confess, of the three things that Louisville is famous for, I am not really interested in any of them, least of all horses. I have insufficient room to store, exercise, and feed a horse. More to the point, they are expensive to keep and have little utility. Combining all three seems like a losing proposition. However, I digress.

We were attending the regional NSTA show. Overall, the show went well, although it was a little slow at times. The booth across from me had a young lady handing out samples of organically processed and fairly traded chocolates, of which I ate quite a bit. Indeed, during lulls in the show I would have some, and I think I ended up eating most of her samples. I also talked at great length about the pros and cons of epoxy table tops for lab furniture with a manufacturer of such stuff. Now, I found it unbearably fascinating, but most people would have quietly died of boredom.

We also talked at length with customers and potential customers, including two from Jacksonville. They were very surprised to learn we were neighbors, and even more surprised that we are willing to put on a demo at their annual science fair.

Overall, I am prepared to call the show a success.

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