A Smashup of Cosmic Proportions

Two star clusters have had just about enough of each other. After eons of hurling insults back and forth, they have decided to settle their differences once and for all. Mounting steeds of dark matter, and wielding horrid lances of plasma, they are racing full speed towards one another. Only the most skillful we be able to strike first, ensuring victory.

The above is an exaggeration. Obviously, star clusters don't joust, which I think we can all agree is a shame. Instead, if star clusters do collide, it is due to physics and not flaming tempers. In this case, there are two clusters in the Tarantula Nebula that are set up for a collision. The two clusters are part of the Large Magellanic Cloud and are about 170,000 light years away. This makes them next door neighbors in cosmic terms.

Now, this collision won't take place for a very, very long time, so don't grab the popcorn just yet.

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