2012 Recap

2012 has ended, and 2013 has begun. Let's do a brief recap.

We launched a new Digital Starlab.

We attended a total of 11 conferences, more than in any previous year.

For the first time, we attended the Association of Science and Technology Centers and the International Planetarium Society conferences in the same year.

We launched three packages of Digital Starlab to work with any budget.

We filmed an instructional video for the Starlabs, as well as a demo video to help you convince your colleagues.

We now offer four hours of webtraining for the Digital Starlab, absolutely free of charge.

We began work on the worst kept top secret project, the Ares.

I celebrated my 26th birthday.

We worked the remaining bugs out of our planetarium software.

We now offer two fulldome videos free of charge with a Digital Starlab.

We have begun digitizing the cylinders from our Classic Starlabs so you can use them in our Digital Starlab as well.

We added a new international representitive, serving India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

I met personally with our South African representitive, who is a fascinating gentleman.

We've begun quarterly meetings with our international reps via the web.

We've added a map to show you where all of our domestic Starlab Ambassadors are. We've also hugely expanded our ambassador network. Eventually the whole map will be filled in.

A transit of Venus occurred, but I missed it due to a deluge that lasted all day. I was not happy.

As far as  I can tell, the world did not end on 12/21/12.

That's a brief snapshot of a year in the life of the Starlab people. Looking back, it's hard to see why anyone would want to do anything else.

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