Software overview:

Starlab is pleased to offer two groundbreaking software packages for the Digital Starlab: Starry Night, and The Layered Earth.

Starry Night:

Starry Night  makes it easy to teach astronomy. The ideal companion to your astronomy textbook, Starry Night gives you powerful, accurate, customizable tools to inspire and engage your students.

Starry Night  includes more than 45 computer exercises, complete with dazzling interactive simulations, all fully mapped to top college astronomy textbooks.

The software is readily accessible to an unlimited number of students via the deeply discounted student download version.

The step-by-step exercises in Starry Night  will lead your students to a solid understanding of the universe.

Topics covered include:

  • Earth, Moon, and Sun
  • Diurnal Motion
  • Earth’s Revolution Around the Sun
  • The Local Coordinate System
  • Measuring Angles in the Sky
  • The Celestial Sphere
  • The Celestial Coordinate System
  • Solar and Sidereal Days
  • The Year and Seasons
  • The Analemma
  • The Moon
  • Phases of the Moon
  • Lunar and Solar Eclipses
  • Precession and Nutation
  • The Solar System
  • Geocentric to the Heliocentric Model
  • Planetary Orbits and Configurations
  • Johannes Kepler and Elliptical Orbits
  • Galileo Strengthens and the Heliocentric Model
  • Modern Overview of Our Solar System
  • Organization, Size and Scale of the Solar System
  • Romer’s Light Experiment
  • The Inner Planets of the Solar System
  • The Outer Planets of the Solar System
  • Direct and Retrograde Motion of the Planets
  • The Moons of the Planets
  • The Dwarf Planets
  • Small Solar System Bodies
  • Asteroids of the Main Belt
  • Comets and Meteors
  • Impact: Near Earth Objects
  • Trans-Neptunian Objects
  • Finding Your Way Around the Sky
  • The Magnitude Scale
  • Seasonal Constellations
  • The Zodiac and Astronomy’s Astrological Roots
  • Our Star, the Sun
  • Stellar Parallax
  • Proper Motion of the Stars
  • Apparent Brightness and Luminosity
  • The Solar Neighborhood
  • The Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram
  • The Death of Stars
  • Black Holes
  • Our Home Galaxy, the Milky Way
  • Galaxy Classification
  • Redshift and the Expansion of the Universe
  • Structure in the Nearby Universe
  • Artificial Satellites and the Space Environment
  • Great Explorations in the Solar System
  • Space Based Astronomy

Starry Night is also available in classroom format in addition to the dome, which you can purchase here.

The Layered Earth

The Layered Earth  provides several unique and powerful tools for you to create a truly extraordinary experience in your earth science classroom:

- EarthGuide(™) guides early students step by step through each major area of study, with numerous interactive opportunities to enhance their exploration, data analysis and systems thinking abilities.

- You can go beyond EarthGuide, and manipulate each individual layer of data in the Layers pane. This powerful repository of visual data lets you dig deep into a subject, guiding the Layered Earth experience in line with your specific needs as a lecturer.

- Create a series of pre-saved interactive lecture files, specifying view, position, data layers, tool overlays etc, and package them into a polished lecture using the Favorites pane.

- As your students gain proficiency, or for more senior level classes, you can import virtually any KML data you find (or create as a result of fieldwork) directly into the Layered Earth to make it an earth-simulation of virtually unlimited capacity.

In addition to the dome version available with the Digital Starlab, The Layered Earth is also available in classroom format. You can view it here