Digital STARLAB® Domes

The Digital STARLAB® Dome


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The Digital Dome comes in 5, 6, and 7 meter options and is designed for use with Digital or Analog (Classic) STARLAB® projectors. The interior consists of a plush gray surface which is ideal for Digital projections since it absorbs bright projections, preventing image glare or "wash-out". In addition, our Digital Dome design features a single upright airlock door for easy entry/exit without deflation. Unlike many zipper entry domes which must have constant air pressure adjustment by the presenter to ensure it does not deflate when multiple students enter/exit the dome and additional poles/accessories to keep it upright, our dome remains inflated with no additional attention until you are ready to take it down. The complete set up/take down time is 30 minutes or less.

Larger domes are taller and are best used in gyms or cafeterias. Other dome sizes and configurations are available by request. Sizes are approximate.

Dome Size  5 Meter6 Meter7 Meter
Height (ft.)10.51213.5
Est. Capacity (students)**25+38+50+
Price* (US)$10,100$12,500$14,900


**Price and freight subject to change. Inflation fan included in pricing.
** Dimensions and capacity are estimated, student size and maturity level may vary occupancy levels.

The cloth used in each Digital Dome is custom made for this specific application and is designed with the highest standards possible for fire retardancy. Each batch of cloth manufactured for Science First / STARLAB® has to pass stringent laboratory testing for fire retardancy before it is accepted for manufacturing of the dome.

Dome patch kits and custom logos available on request!

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