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Digital STARLAB Manual


The Digital STARLAB system utilizes Starry Night Small Dome software. This software has been adapted from The Starry Night Elementary, Middle School, High School, and Pro software for use in the small dome environment.

Each Digital STARLAB ships with included K-12 Curriculum based on National Standards and State Standards.

In Addition, each Digital STARLAB incorporates two additional curriculum modules included with the purchase:

Astronomy of the Americas Orders of Magnitude based on the Powers of 10

Click here to visit the Starry Night curriculum and standards page Starry Night Small Dome™ Software Highlights

  • Complete 3D Hipparcos, Tycho 2 and database of 16 million stars
  • Thousands of famous deep space objects with detailed descriptions from Messier and Caldwell catalogs, Herschel catalog of 400 deep sky objects, and corrected NGC/IC catalogs with over 13,000 deep sky objects
  • Comprehensive database of known satellites, comets, asteroids, meteor showers, and extra-solar planets
  • Display of planets and all known solar system moons as quality textured, accurately placed 3D objects
  • Accurate annual motion of planets, sun and moons over a +/- 100,000 year span
  • Constellation overlays, equatorial, galactic and ecliptic grids
  • Automatic navigation to any selected planet, moon, comet, asteroid or satellite
  • Customizable high-resolution 360-degree panoramas
  • “Find” command to locate any celestial object
  • Compatible with Starry Night desktop versions

The Digital STARLAB® uses the following lessons of the Starry Night Curriculum™:

  • K-4
    • P1: Night and Day
    • P2: Going Through a Phase - Moon Phases
    • P3: Location, Location, Location - Finding Your Way Around the Sky
    • P4: Myth Around the World - Constellations and Stars Lore
  • Grade 5 - 8
    • S1: A Change of Season
    • S2: Now You See - Now You don't - Solar and Lunar Eclipses
    • S3: Welcom to the Neighborhood - Overview of the Solar System
    • S4: Moving Out - The Motion of the Planets
    • S5: Big Macs - Meteors, Astroids and Comets
  • Grade 9 - 12
    • A1: A Calendar in the Stars - Seasonal Constellations
    • A2: Star Light, Star Bright - The Properties and Life Cycle of Stars
    • A3: Our Little Island - The Milky Way Galaxy

Additional lessons for all three grade levels will become available in the future.

STARLAB Set Up and Take Down Instructions