Classic STARLAB®

The Classic Starlab® System is a teaching aid geared toward astronomy. In brief, it is composed of a dome made out of opaque vinyl, and a projector, which displays images on the inside of the dome. The projector produces bright light, which is fully adjustable by the user.

The images are produced using Starlab® cylinders, which are made out of film. The film used is entirely opaque, except for the portions where the images are. In this way, all the light from the projector is blocked except what is needed to create images. A major advantage of the film is that it affords nearly infinite contrast ratios.

STARLAB® has released our manual and curriculum FREE to the public!
Click Here to access the curriculum and content for the STARLAB portable planetarium.
Click Here to access the manuals for the STARLAB portable planetarium.

The STARLAB® LED Projector - Introducting the latest innovation to our world-famous STARLAB®! We've turned to the most advanced lighting technology available today: light emitting diodes, or LEDs.



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Download a pre-designed pdf file perfect for presenting your proposal for funding:
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