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Baltimore Public Schools

Reblogged with permission. What can a Starlab do? Can it really take you to the far reaches of space and time? What does that mean for you? "As I sat and watched the lesson take place, my mind drifted to the NGSS. What role with the STARLAB have in an NGSS based curriculum? Traditional planetarium…
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Sunspot Activity

The #quietsun had a tantrum last week, as solar activity spiked and shot a massive flare towards earth, along with huge sunspots. It has quieted down significantly since then, possibly continuing its slumber. If you'd like more information, I've compiled a list of links where you can go to find out more information on solar…
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Science Fun Facts 8

Quantum entangled particles appear to allow information to be transmitted instantly regardless of distance. As information cannot propagate faster than light, various ideas have been formulated to explain this phenomenon, including travel through wormholes or other dimensions. Gravity waves are theorized to emanate out from certain events, like a planet orbiting a star. If they…
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