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Science Fun Facts 8

  • Quantum entangled particles appear to allow information to be transmitted instantly regardless of distance. As information cannot propagate faster than light, various ideas have been formulated to explain this phenomenon, including travel through wormholes or other dimensions.
  • Gravity waves are theorized to emanate out from certain events, like a planet orbiting a star. If they propagate...
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Science Fun Facts 7

  • Termites are extremely efficient at converting woody materials to methane, with some help from bateria that live in their guts. Farms could be made that harness this process, but few cities would approve of trillions of termites within their jurisdiction.
  • There are more species of beetle than any other type of creature.
  • Insects are a relatively young form of...
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Science Fun facts 6

  • It is possible for a photon to have such a long wavelength that the uncertainty principle puts it outside the bounds of the universe.
  • Essentially all life on earth ultimately depends on photosynthesis for energy.
  • The basic photosynthesis reaction is H20 + CO2 + sunlight = Glucose + O2. the sunlight provides the energy for the reaction.
  • The...
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Science Fun Facts 5

  • A white hole can be considered to be a black hole moving backwards in time.
  • A particle traveling with infinite velocity would be infinitely blue shifted and infinitely red shifted from the point of view of any observer, making the particle essentially non existent.
  • Causality is not a provable physical law, but is presumed to be necessary.
  • The...
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